Dr David Collier, Clinical Director at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre, had a trial vaccination against COVID-19 as a recruit to the Oxford Vaccine Study.
David himself says, "By joining a phase 2 study for the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine I was on the other end of a clinical trial on Friday 12th June when I was randomised into the Oxford Vaccine Trial (COV002).
"I was given either a meningitis vaccine (control) or an increased dose of the ChAdOx1 vaccine against COVID-19.
"As part of this study I was dosed at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine at UCLH (previously known as the London Homeopathic Hospital). The doctor, Carlos Fraga who treated me was originally from Madrid in Spain but normally works at UCLH on the neurology of Huntingdon’s Disease, he’d volunteered to help with the COVID-19 trials.
"I hope that the ChAdOx1 vaccine works — we all need a vaccine to stop us getting COVID-19.
"The Chief Investigator behind the study, Professor Andrew Pollard, started medical school at Barts at the same time as me and was Best Man at my wedding — so it’s personal!"

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